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Our thought process is global as we are truly inspired by different culture's and people and not bound by geography.


If we are not creating something new and valuable, whats the point of creating something at all.


Our unique point of view blending ID & UX helps our clients be differentiated and create brand loyalty.

"We will continue to see a convergence of the digital and the physical world. Those who conquer that trend will be market leaders"

— John Phillips

Design needs to “belong”, and our endeavor is to make it matter in all its forms and nuances in everything we do. Our work focusses on furthering user-centric interactions in physical and digital products that we intricately weave by looking at the end user, form, emotion and technology to create consumer experiences that not only delight but are above all, human by design.

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IOT & Smart objects

Physical & Digital

Experiences are everything, and the future of design not only exists in the digital world but also extends to the physical. At Analogy, we blend physical and digital touch-points to uncover new possibilities, add relevant emotions and ensure a seamless, connected experience that impacts humans daily.

Human Machine Interfaces, in essence, are interactive touch-points that helps users communicate effectively with a product for an intended action or reaction. At Analogy Design, our vision is to build awareness, work on smarter designs and rethink intelligent environments for people and businesses to not only enhance their user experience but also to provide a platform for the future of hardware and software interfaces to co-exist seamlessly.

At Analogy Design, we emphasise the simplification and enrichment of lives as the end goal for all smart devices and products. We bring a human touch and an astute mind to make sense of the gold mine of information available to us to help make better, connected products. We also have a storied pedigree in providing businesses with the core platform expertise in physical, “smart”, and connectivity components to help drive exponential tech and create new experiences for their consumers.

With future comes technology sophistication, and there is no escaping it. No matter how nimble you are as a business or a brand, there is a genuine requirement in the market for focussed, humanised tech to make things less complicated for the end consumer to create the next generation product or service. We will help you understand the intricacies of a business and the physical and virtual complexities of building a product that relies and works on human experiences in sustainable ways.

Interactions & Experiences


Interaction has enabled humans to remain connected with tech and with each other. Holistic user experiences require an inclusive digital one. At Analogy, we ensure that your product receives the engagement it deserves by incorporating the right amount of creativity, user data characteristics and cognitive science for a better human experience.

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Objects and Emotions


We take a human-centered approach in bringing emotive industrial design to physical products that vary in complexity and context. Our focus is to provide a single unified language to design desirable, beautiful, and lasting product experiences in material objects.

Physical objects cannot talk, but good industrial design helps communicate the intent and the function of an object while creating a desire and emotion from the user. We believe decluttering is about removing things that are not necessary, but minimalism is about discovering how little we actually need. As physical objects get more and more commoditised, unique, beautiful and emotive objects stand out to catch the attention of the consumer.

A well designed product requires a well defined strategy. To clearly understand how the product should be positioned, branded, communicated to the right audience is as important as each detail and function on the product. We help clients understand the various nuances that are required to understand and launch a product to market.

Whether its an online space or a retail one, product packaging is the first line of interaction with a consumer who has placed his trust in your brand. The element of surprise and also the first interaction with the product is a journey that defines how a consumer relates to your brand. Clearly communicating the value of the product, its various functions and visually appealing in a crowded space while standing firm on the brand messaging is what makes or breaks a brand. We help our clients create unique identities through our packaging design process which includes a combination of product messaging, naming, graphics and structure design.


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