&   Mission
Our Vision

Is to create memorable experiences that transcend raw ideas, from all walks of life, into great Products, Brands and Digital Content. (Moving away from a Segmented design approach) We see our Integrated Design firm becoming an end-to-end Innovation and Development solution providing destination that is sought out by every industry.

Our Mission

We focus on the merger of ideals with a broad horizon, keen insight, and plenty of free thinking. In pursuit of excellence in design innovation, our mission remains to advocate good design to all and in doing so, the following values determine all the decisions we make, from the smallest to the largest:


Despite the ambiguity of the situation, we make wise decisions concerning people, techniques, the business and its creativity. To say ‘I did not know’ after making a false judgement is quite easy, but highly detrimental.


We listen WELL, instead of reacting immediately, so we can UNDERSTAND better. We are concise and articulate, both verbally and in writing. We don’t write books, but we create enough to communicate what we need.


We strive to put out work that is the best, and only THE BEST. We re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems. We challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better solutions.


We get S**T done, no matter what. Without excuses, without the need to justify to ourselves or to others, we demonstrate consistently strong performance. We exhibit bias to action, and avoid analysis-paralysis.


We are open and we say what we feel, even if it's controversial. We make tough decisions without agonizing and take smart risks. We don't play it safe all the time and question actions that are inconsistent to our values.


We seek what is best for Artifact, at all times, rather than what is best for us or our groups. While looking for the best ideas, we are ego-less. We take the time to help out our fellow team members.


We are direct and we are ourselves. For any discussion, we are well prepared, call a spade a spade and are never Yes men or Women! We challenge status quo when it’s truly required, confidently.


We create new ideas that prove useful to the company. We don't ask for permissions; we don't ask for forgiveness either. The right judgement call, duly validated by the team, makes our decision making quick but accurate.