aka chief trouble maker

With over a decade of experience in various parts of the globe collaborating with companies like Coca-Cola, Case-Mate, GM, Vim & Vigor, RKS Design, Cellairis and many more, VT, as Vyasa is popularly called, is a multiple award winning Industrial Designer with a keen interest in creating synergies between Tech and Design. VT has a strong background in consumer products, lifestyle accessories, branding, marketing, engineering and manufacturing, among many other core design areas, that led him to secure a number of Utility and Design Patents. A designer who believes in both commerce and culture, VT heads the creative team at Artifact, with a keen business sense, while working on maintaining a strong design culture focused on innovation and speed.

Mukunda Gopal

aka Mukund

Mukund is a meticulous task master with over 4 decades of experience in varied fields including machine tools, precision engineering, automotive and horological Industries. Mukund joins us after notable stints in companies likes, Titan and Foley Designs and brings with him, incomparable energy and immense passion for management and development of work cycles. His expertise includes New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) processes, Business & Vendor Development, and Production & Quality management. As COO, he leads strategic initiatives and also focuses on day to day operations at Artifact with inspiring levels of energy and commitment. When he isn 't riddled with work, Mukund loves to talk about his passion for cricket.


aka Tippytoes

A perfectionist who could have had a degree in diplomacy, Divya is a through and through people's person. The quintessential HR expert, she has more than 8 years of experience having worked at MNCs like EASi, GM, Allegis group & TEK systems. An extensive experience in tech and IT recruiting has given her a magical insight into people, added by a niche set of skills that ensure the team at Artifact are the best at what they do. An avid music lover, Divya loves listening to all types of tunes, and is a talented singer too. A cricket fanatic and a proud Bengalurean, she can guide you to any location- say goodbye to GPS!

Vibha Karnik

aka Vibha

A compulsive planner, a published writer and a Bollywood lover, Vibha is a marketing and communications specialist with a career spanning over 10 years in India and Hong Kong, managing over 10 countries in APAC. She believes her E&C Engineering degree coupled with an MBA in marketing has given her the ability to be analytical and creative. This is evident from the variety of brands she has worked with like Britannia Industries, ING, Arvind Mills, HID Global and HeathWallace. An avid traveller at heart, Vibha has been to 35 countries and says her motto is, "Stay curious and keep discovering"


aka Prankster

A person who loves to convert life around her into doodles, illustrations and graphic experiences, Haritha is an explorer of the implication of ethnographic studies in design, in order to imbibe it in her design process. An Engineer turned Communication Design professional, Haritha has worked on projects that involve Graphics, UI/UX design, Photography, Cinematography, Art Direction and Research within societies affected by socio-political conflicts. A Fine Arts enthusiast at core, Haritha also likes to spend time writing poetry, painting and photography; but more than anything, she loves pranking her desk neighbors!


aka the pedaler

Being an artist at heart has fueled Rakesh's love for good design and has made him a perfectionist. A Mechanical Engineering graduate, whose love for design took him to National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Rakesh's work is driven by details and aesthetics. Along with a profound interest in lifestyle products within the realm of industrial design, he loves exploring design parallels such as in graphics, illustrations, automobile and transport design and packaging. Rakesh is a hard-core cyclist who believes that cycling is possibly the greatest and most pleasurable form of transport ever invented.
rakesh balekundri


aka Whistler

A Design aficionada, Anwesha loves to explore different materials and technologies that can help her design innovative stuffs. She is a NIFT, Bangalore, graduate with a specialization in Accessory Design topped by a Masters in Design and Contemporary Technology, from ENSCI, Paris. Her interest in modern technology leads her to explore wider layers of design where it meets technology and culture, thereby contributing to her keen interest in designing and developing 'biofeedback based products.' When she's not making magic on her screen, Anwesha enjoys adventure sports and entertaining her co-workers with some creative whistling!


aka Silent_coder

A tech developer, Sanketh has a hunger for learning new technologies and the myriad of techniques therein, through real world applications. He loves to experiment with tech advances and achieve development goals that he sets for himself. With an expertise and experience in Java applications, he plans on honing his skills and development abilities to be able to support any scale of projects that Artifact picks up. This farsighted preparedness makes Sanketh a team-player who believes there is no substitute for hard work and puts his money where his mouth is. He loves poetry when not coding, is a pic a day whatsapper, an avid cricketing enthusiast and a proud Kannadiga.


aka Lucky

Lucky has been the driving force in facilities and day to day operations. His background in agriculture has given him a humility as well as a strong foundation in balancing cost, facitlities and operations. He heads up vendor management for Artifact exploring and adding to our ever growing network of reliable vendors. He loves taking selfies, music and movies.


aka napster

A promising and progressive designer, Nihal is a fresh graduate in Product Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. An intern who joined us while studying, Nihal returned to us for his dissertation and we gladly absorbed him as a full timer. An avid gamer and technology whisperer, he loves consumer electronics and all the fillets and chamfers it comes with. When he's not being the render ninja at work, you'll find him indulging in his mid-day siesta on the table. Nihal, with his laid-back demeanour, is our resident model with a can-do attitude and a never-ending enthusiasm for anything and everything design.


aka spoon

An undergraduate from NC State College of Design, Korry is an idea machine. His diverse and varied interests in Design has propelled him to branch out into music and production art as well as dive deep into creative UI and graphic design. An Industrial Designer by profession, he loves to sketch and come up with revolutionary ideas. Korry manages our clients in North America and is a driving force behind Artifact. He also runs a podcast about design called Prototype Life and is the founder of definedbythree.com- a clothing brand.


aka the purist

Wendy has honed her skills in sourcing and engineering through years of working in manufacturing facilities in China and south east Asia. She has a steely attitude and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. A fierce resident of Shanghai, she loves travelling and is a big foodie. Wendy has helped innumerous clients from the west bridge the gap and unravel the mysteries of Chinese manufacturers. She is a hard-worker and loves new challenges. Wendy currently heads up our sourcing and manufacturing efforts in South East Asia.


aka riddler

Megha joined Artifact with an eye for detail. A quick learner, she believes in constantly improving her work skills and even picks up on additional support skills that make her development work quick and independent. She loves maths, and solving problems in general, making her a great addition to the dev team. Our in-house IT trouble-shooter, Megha has a flair and hunger for everything technological. Ms. Smiles-a-lot, Megha, takes the phrase 'peaceful meal' literally and has to have her food in absolute silence!

Debdipto Ghoshal

aka deb

Programmer, developer, history buff, foodie and someone who took science fiction very seriously as a kid, Deb is an all-rounder in Computer Science backed by a double Masters from India and the UK. He brings with him a passion for networked systems and computer architecture - a passion second only to his love for food and a good drink. He loves building hardware and IOT applications and platforms; deftly balances work-life with phone-life; enjoys traveling and watching documentaries; and possesses a ridiculous sense of humour.

Nagashree S

aka nagu

A business management graduate with seven years of experience in various managerial fields like counselling, operations, data analysis and e-learning, Nagashree possesses natural instinct and the right knack to deal with office and business functions. She is a self-motivated individual who strongly believes that learning never ends. A great fan of street food, and fantasy movies (as she has no time for reading), Nagashree is currently utilizing all her diverse skills to manage practically all business support functions, and make Artifact Design the most promising place for creative and design talent exhibit.


aka Overthinker

Akshay A fresh Product Design graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, Akshay is an aspiring entrepreneur, itching to get out into the market and show the world his concepts. Currently our resident intrapreneur, he is just as ambitious as he is nocturnal. Akshay is a self-declared dreamer and over thinker who kicks around a football when lost in thought. He loves to come up with weird and new ideas proving every time that overthinking in a designer is a bonus for detail execution! Curiosity keeps this cat alive by feeding him on new techniques that make his stay on top of his skills game.




Joseph Brown, the Chief Product Officer at Global Cellular, is the product visionary at Cellairis and works with internal and external product teams to sustain, as well as create, new products and services. Joseph has led Cellairis to innovate and also create revolutionary and breakthrough products and retail experiences. Passionate about defining the next big trend of tech accessories, sports and fitness, Joseph has invested a lot of time, effort and strategic expertise in the building and development of the Artifact Design team.



Sathiya sir, as he is lovingly known, is a design icon and has helped numerous aspiring creatives to be better designers through his selfless efforts in Design Education. Currently the AGM at Ashok Leyland, he is known for his fluid lines and artistic aesthetics. The Artifact team is honored to have him advise and guide us, with his in-depth industrial knowledge, on our path of design excellence.


Tech adviser

Lance has had an illustrious career profile with companies like NASA and Lenovo before he founded DXLab. Passionate about defining next-generation products and user experiences, Lance holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Design. We are grateful to have his knowledge and experience back us through our journey in Tech and Design.


Financial adviser

Narasimhan is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a partner at KEN & Co. He specializes in niche areas of business practices like Startup Advisory & Consulting, IS, IT Audits, Implementation and Testing of Internal Financial Controls, SOX Controls with exposure to start-ups, insurance, banking, software companies, online retailers and other conglomerate corporates. The business and legal guidance that Narasimhan provides to Artifact Design keeps us on our track to achieve both design as well as business excellence.