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The world is waking up to a global trend of new and disruptive tech that requires a fresh approach for innovation. We create memorable experiences to transcend raw ideas into great Products, Brands and Digital Content.
"Focused on innovation, we love working with progressive companies that value design. Whether it's helping startups or breathing new life into established brands, we are committed to accelerating innovation and value."
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Our focus is always on developing unique solutions for our clients through careful research and design thinking, be it for any business across any industry. Owing to our keen interest in everything related to design, we have built up a portfolio of strong tech+design expertise. We transcend design norms and combine a unique set of talents to create completely new user experiences with our deliverables. We pride ourselves on being a one stop solution for all types of creative needs with capable and experienced partners in Engineering, Marketing, Social Media and Manufacturing.
Accelerated efficiency
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Keeping today's mobile world in mind, where innovation and speed go hand in hand, every project at Artifact starts with a lean team of experienced professionals who know the most efficient method to carry out the next step. Every project is spearheaded by one of our creative leads who ensures that we work closely with our clients, collaborating and drawing inspiration from their experiences to identify strategic insights and understand their emotional connections with their customers. We do this to demonstrate our passion and commitment to every project that we work on.

Think global, Act local

Our overseas sourcing and engineering teams are capable of taking the leap from sketch to prototype and from prototype to production. Every single manufacturer who is registered with Artifact Design is thoroughly inspected by a team of sourcing & engineering specialists to make sure their capabilities in R&D, engineering, speed and quality are upheld. We also have strategic partners in electronics and board design that help us work on a variety of cutting edge tech products such as smart sensors, watches, IOT devices and automation products. We are currently headquartered in India with multiple global resources and we believe, employing knowledgeable and reliable local talent helps us transcend barriers globally.

Iterate, Innovate, Accelerate

We infuse design strategy seamlessly into products and brand identities. Our signature in every project is to tell a story from start to finish, connecting all the dots. Our team draws their inspiration in physical, digital, and theoretical design through years or diverse experiences, in depth expertise, as well as a mix of unique personalities. Our core competence lies in every facet of product development with over 12 years of combined experience in the industry. We receive no financial benefit from any equipment we specify or vendor we recommend. Our only priority is to make sure the project on hand is successful and that our clients get the best of everything. We believe that traditional design methods are a thing of the past and strive to uncover what's important to our clients, and create a product or experience that their customers will love.
Our process
Trends and requirements keep evolving and so does technology. We work hand in hand with these developments and follow every trend closely to integrate an evolutionary process that pushes us to be better every day. Our cloud based project management system helps us to be efficient with any deliverable at any time- which is why we are able to help brands and companies anywhere in the world, 24x7. Contrary to the traditional top down command and control style, we follow a flat hierarchy that fosters innovation and ideas from all around. We believe that the best ideas should win (not just an idea); we believe in helping team members grow into roles that they are capable of and maintaining a workplace that inspires us to create something new every day.
“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.“-Robert L. Peters