A global design and innovation studio, Artifact Design is a melting pot of radical and innovative raw ideas, solutions, and concepts that are nurtured into full-fledged Products, Brands and Experiences through sheer passion and creativity. We thrive on our curiosity that keeps us on the path of learning and allows the creative juices to free-flow all around the studio and beyond. Moving away from a segmented design approach we are determined to grow as a uniquely Integrated Design hub focused on catering to the strategic design, and developmental needs of a broad spectrum of established international brands and startups alike.

We embrace a belief that true
INNOVATION comes from the
perfect blend of ART and FACT.

This belief has motivated us to design products that have exceptional user experiences, flawless technology and gorgeous aesthetics. In essence we are redefining the 'form is function' methodology by including 'user experience', as an important element, to create total end-to-end, customized solutions. An unconventional mix of industrial designers, UI/UX designers, developers, brand strategists, graphic designers, tinkerers and creative thinkers, we are a multi-functional team working on some of the most interesting technology and lifestyle products.

Why us?
Focused innovation model

Great design is not just good aesthetics; it's how those designs convert into user friendly products and their associated user experiences. We take a humane approach to design where we look beyond beauty, to something that is feasible and functional. We believe that this element of smart functionality should transcend beyond the product's beauty, and only then would an end user experience the subtlety and thoughtfulness of the smallest of features that the creators incorporate in a design. Our innovation and design teams fully believe in this ideology and have created industry-defining products and iconic brands.

Being citizens of the world, we have worked across the globe identifying with various cultures while working on projects that are spread over a variety of industries. Constantly working hand-in-hand with our clients enables us to understand their needs and requirements, collaborate with them on ideations, and create custom solutions. We believe in contributing to our client's success to the best of our abilities - a professional ethic that earns us customer loyalty. We love turnkey projects that gives free reigns to our capabilities that span from sketch to production.

“This defines our operational goal to become the most sought after lean team for all design needs that begin from ideation, analysis and research and go all the way to development, creation and delivery.“

The way we do business


Strategic partnerships



We follow a dynamic business model that evolves with every client's unique requirement. We love working with large corporations just as much as we thrive on interacting with strategic startups and passionate entrepreneurs. Working with an extensive network of talented partners, that share our passion for innovation and quality, helps us stay lean while maintaining our identity, and design integrity, till the very end. Our unique business model and the long-standing, cohesive relationships with these companies make us confident to work on projects of any scale or scope.
We constantly work on new and inventive ideas, both physical and digital, to grow and sustain an environment of innovation, with the talent we have in-house, while following the product incubation model to make it work effectively.
“Design is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” - Thomas Alva Edison
Our philosophy
We encourage and maintain a culture of Empathy, Expression and Entrepreneurship internally. We are passionate about knowledge and believe that there is a myriad of things and experiences that teach us something new every day. Our core beliefs inspire us to challenge boundaries and disrupt norms to find true creativity and hidden insights that help us produce stunning end results. We also believe in maintaining a lean innovation methodology, which helps us keep costs low and the quality of our deliverables high.
“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people's lives” -Don Norman

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